Located on the bank of Yangtze River, shore of Taihu Lake, and in the scenery Jiangyin Binjiang Development Zone of Jiangsu Province, Jiangyin Tianli Chemical Machinery Plant has graceful environment, superior conditions, sufficient power and convenient communications both in water and land, as well as direct access to Chengzhang Class 1 highway, being the golden place of the group of national cities.

  Our plant mainly undertakes inwall finish of stainless steel tube and surface treatment of chemical equipment,mirror pot, chemical fibre天利外貌equipment and pharmaceutical equipment etc., which adopts scientific and advanced technology of galvanic finish and ionic cutting etc. i.e., through anode and cathode of the current, form the electric potential difference, make the anion and cation knock the metal surface and form protection film to ensure hardness, strength, abradability and fineness of the metal surface, this technology is of the most advanced level both at home and abroad today. Accuracy of work finish can reach Ra0.1-0.05μm (i.e. 10-12) and meet the quality requirement of GB1031-81. with pipe diameter size of φ 14-325 and length of 2-6m, this product is widely used for pharmacy, chemical industry, light industry, food, oil and special industry etc.. For many years, our products have reliable quality and stable performance. Uppermost customer and top credit is the tenet of our plant, through which, prestige is obtained in severe competitive market all over the world. At present, our plant has got support and guidance from institution of higher education including many academies and designing institutes, and formed a new type high- tech enterprise combining research, design and production. Moreover, our plant produce alloy plating liquid and liquid plating pipeline, the alloy plating liquid is plated on welded tube, seamless tube and casting which are widely used for the special pipeline of tap water, gas conduit and fire pipe etc. and civil clean appliance etc.. After treated with liquid plating, part surface is mirror bright with abundant color, which is the green high-tech product of 21 century.

   Our products are manufactured according to order, processed with materials, and we will wholeheartedly service for you and do packing and consignment for the customer, while guarantying the quality and timely delivery , you are welcome to our plant.